At Go Kosher, we take full consideration of your kitchen, whether commercial or home, and take the time to understand the specific needs of your kitchen. We treat your kitchen with care and caution. During the discovery phase, we’ll walk you through the Koshering process, how each item and each counter, appliance and aspect of the kitchen will be koshered.


We can Kosher all your metal pots, most cutlery, some metal baking utensils, glass, metal frying pans, some kitchen knives, the stove-top, the oven, the broiler, the outdoor grill, certain dishwashers, etc.

While earthenware, china, Teflon-coated items, glass bake-ware, certain plastic, etc typically cannot be Koshered, there are some methods by which the some of these items can be koshered. The Rabbi will be happy to discuss these items with you.


After discussing with us what can be koshered, we will help you decide if extra sets of pots, utensils and cutlery have to be purchased for your new meat and dairy kitchen. If you will be running a strictly meat, strictly dairy or strictly vegetarian kitchen discuss this with the Rabbi. Also, all items to be koshered must be clean, handles should be removed from pots and grime removed with a scrubber and soap.

What to Expect During The Koshering Process

Items that were used in either, a cooking situation or serving situation where heat was involved will be purged in boiling water. Items that were used in a baking or frying situation may need to be exposed to fire. Nothing to get the jitters about. Our staff are trained to attend to all details but your help is greatly appreciated.

Taking Utensils to the Mikvah

Metal and glass utensils should be immersed in a Mikvah prior to being used, whether they are new, never used or newly Koshered. We will direct you to a local Mikvah or provide the pickup and delivery service for you.


The benefits of a Kosher kitchen will be beautifully evident in your newly Koshered kitchen. It will feel cleaner both physically and spiritually, and your guests will rest easy knowing that your kitchen adheres to the highest levels of Kashrus.